Welcome to the

Great Emerald Club of the FuraCoin NFT Universe

Where each member shares the mining sector of Fura. FuraCoin is a collection of 10,000 NFTs linked to the Fura token. It was also created on the Ethereum blockchain with collateral of Emeralds and its Exclusive Fura token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Project Size
0.09 eth
volumen Trade
0.017 eth

FuraCoin Emerald Club
Your FuraCoin NFT grants exclusive benefits to the members of the FuraCoin Emerald Club; with their acquisition of the NFT, they can buy the Tena token at a discount, which is exchangeable for Fura tokens and redeemable for emeralds. Club members have exclusive access to a 10% discount on the value of emeralds offered on the Furatrade.com website of the Emerald Market Place.

Also, an owner of a Furacoin NFT has access to a 10% discount on the value of the Emerald Report offered on the website www.emeraldsreport.com